Wednesday, September 22, 2010

e-money's top 10

to parallel z-diddy's, i thought we'd move on to elijah's top 10 fantastical qualities of gigantic proportions.

1. elijah has cute big ears that, when persuaded by someone's fingers, will dance to any beat. video to follow once he's officially ours.
2. elijah is our little servant-hearted giver. when you say something like, "you took my pillow, z-diddy," elijah will go get you another one without you even asking.
3. elijah has a speech delay and a lot of what he says needs interpretation... such as: "me me dee"
which apparently means "medicine." who knew?
4. elijah has a favorite pair of my flipflops that he wears around the house ALL the time. they are teal, and he gets mad if anyone touches them or even so much as looks at them. he's into accessories.
5. elijah loves to throw his own stuff away after a meal, switch clothes to the dryer, and put clothes away. i really lucked out.
6. at nap time every day, elijah sits on the couch or our bed and says, "batch mooovie?" which is his way of asking to watch a movie. and everyday the answer is no. and everyday he cries.
vicious, vicious cycle.
7. elijah likes to wear hats that make his ears stick out. (see number 1)
8. elijah can now get himself dressed with a little bit of help and then proclaims to the world "I DID IT!"
9. elijah is now talking back, which truth be told, is kinda hilarious. in the car the other day i said, "you guys stop yelling!" to which he said, "no, you top yell," to which i said, "you're crazy," and he replied, "no, you!" kinda hilarious for a kid who can barely put a sentence together.
10. elijah is really sweet with the baby. he likes to play with him, blow raspberries on his tummy, and push him on a riding toy. this usually ends in tears with the baby falling off, but it's the thought that counts, right?


  1. OH MAN, GIRL! You're making me miss your kiddos!!!! Give those boys kisses from their ol' Aunt JoJo, k? Seriously, I cannot wait till E is official - he's just so cute and perfect (in a human kind of way, of course)!!!

    {oh, do you like how i totally just wrote myself into the family?}

  2. Sounds like you have a group of really amazing kids. You are so lucky!

  3. Aww! He actually sounds a lot like Lily. She has some of those same characteristics. They all sound so super sweet! I was thinking about you the other day...and we need to get together somehow. It might be hard but We can make it happen!


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