Saturday, September 18, 2010

z-diddy's top 10

i asked the hubs if he wouldn't mind me taking a pic of one of our foster kiddo's ears or feet or cute smile (without the whole face) and paying tribute to them on this here blog.

he said he didn't really feel comfy with that, since we're not supposed to post their pics online.
--rule follower. and i respect that. especially when the hubs is so cute! -who can argue with that face?!

but nevertheless i figure i should take the time to tell you a little about each kiddo in our home, and since i just did a gotcha day post on gabe, i'll do the next kiddo in line...

our eldest-newest foster son, let's call him z-diddy.

z-diddy is a special little man. one with many unique qualities, most of them delightful, some not so much. let's do a top 10, shall we?

1. z-diddy looks like a chimpanzee baby when he's wet in the bathtub with his hair all crazy. a-dorable!
2. z-diddy likes to be rough even when others around him do not.
3. z-diddy loves cuddling and ANY form of touch where he is RIGHT NEXT TO YOU.
4. z-diddy is GREAT at cleaning up toys once he gets started.
5. z-diddy has some sensory issues that we are currently working through and even though we have a long way to go, he has made lots of progress! go big boy!
6. z-diddy can answer questions from our discipleship time like, "who made you" --"God"; "why did God make you?" --"for His own glory"; and "where is God?" --"everywhere!"
7. z-diddy is gabe's partner in crime. they do EVERYTHING together. it usually involves getting into trouble, but they grin pretty cute while it's happening.
8. z-diddy can now get himself dressed with little-to-no help from us. independent little guy.
9. z-diddy spills a drink all over our table at least once a day, but always acts as if it's a shocker. the real shocker is why we don't just make him use a sippy any chance we get. ;)
10. z-diddy puts on daddy's shoes and walks around the house waving goodbye and telling me he's off to church or work. pretty darn cute, if you ask me.

so there you go. our little guy has changed a lot over the last 8 months that he's been in our house. we are very proud of him and can't wait to see what his future holds. (hopefully with us...pray hard.)

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  1. He sounds so cute and fun! Yeah...maybe a straw cup would be a middle ground? How sweet! I'm praying he will be part of your forever family soon and you can post all the pics you want!


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