Wednesday, September 29, 2010

colalicious top 10

colalicious is the baby of the family. he. is. awesome.
so we shall take a little time to delve deeper into what makes colalicious so amazing, fantastic, and cute.

1. colalicious is learning to walk. he's 15 months and can cruise with the best of them. not too interested in letting go, though
2. colalicious can make an elephant-like noise with his mouth and LOVES to imitate you when you make the noise too
3. colalicious eats everything in sight and can often be pacified by simply putting more food next to him. pretty easy going, i must say
4. colalicious loves to dance and kick his legs. he looks a bit like a frog attempting to jump. interesting
5. colalicious has 4 teeth and my, what big teeth they are. it's amazing what he can accomplish with just 4. makes me wonder what i need all my teeth for
6. colalicious is sick constantly. always on at least 3 meds. when he's sick he's on 6. we've gone 4 months between hospitalizations, so we are making great headway!
7. colalicious can clap and wave bye bye. these are huge steps in baby land
8. colalicious likes to play with his nebulizer and will actually put it up to his mouth to pretend to get a treatment. pretty hilarious since he screams bloody murder while actually GETTING the treatment
9. colalicious always wakes up at least once between the hours of midnight and 4am. he apparently really likes to scream his head off during this time. soothes the soul, i guess
10. colalicious, if he were not sickly, would be the most easy-going baby on the face of the planet. i look forward to seeing what he's like when he (hopefully) grows out of the sickness part

so there you go. all four kids are present and accounted for.
mediation for colalicous and z-diddy is tomorrow. this is parents' opportunity to relinquish their rights instead of having the rights taken away by the state.
we'll see. i'll let you know.


  1. What a great post! I really did fall in love with that little guy last time I saw him. He's too cute and so sweet. I am SO GLAD to hear he's been 4 months without a hospitalization - it's an absolute miracle!

    I am praying for those sweet kiddos. The Lord knows what's best for them but I sure would love to see them as a permanent part of your family!

  2. I'm sorry I haven't been following along with these posts about the kids, but they are so fun. It's great to learn about them.

    Thanks for your comments on my last post. I am thankful for the encouragement!

  3. He sounds adorable! I bet him and R could get into some trouble together! I am praying for you today!


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