Thursday, September 2, 2010


CPS should pay me money to recruit people into fostering and adopting through the state.

but at this moment, i am not a good person to advertise.

there is crap going on. i'm sorry. that's not diplomatic. --there is POO going on.

and i won't go into details because by the end of this day, it might change.
but at this moment, CPS is ticking me off.

i shall handle it with grace and dignity.
i defy CPS. i defy the way they bureacratically handle families.
i defy the way they don't return calls.
i defy the way they act as if they have no personal responsibility at all.
so it's back to utter defiance, people.

i'll keep you posted.
and CPS, gird your loins. i will kick you in the face if you continue to mess with our family.
the end.


  1. Ugh!!! We're praying for you guys but it sounds like we need to ramp 'em up!!!!!

  2. What on earth is happening over there? I hope you are all okay. Praying protection over your family!!


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