Tuesday, September 7, 2010

first day of school

update from last time: we still don't have an answer from CPS. basically, the adoption of elijah miguel will either happen in a week or will be postponed due to a new law that passed about the paperwork process. we might know by tonight, but i would not recommend holding your breath for someone to call you back. i am not too worried about it. the good news is, he will be ours eventually. and that is a blessing. and the rest will work out. God has a plan, and it's perfect, so i'll just trust in that.

BUT...onto happier, non-CPS-related news.
today was the three oldest boys' first day of mother's day out. i got some pretty cute pics that, of course, i can't share because the kiddos are in foster care. but here's one of gabe. this time next year, he will be in kindergarten. i'm not gonna lie, i teared up a bit dropping him off in his new class. and while they're at school, i get to blog, vaccuum, fold laundry, and sort toys. productivity, here i come. oh, how i've missed you so.

ps: isn't he a cutie pie? i shall keep him.

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  1. I'm so sad to hear that CPS is still being a pain in the hiney. Hopefully they'll get with the game soon!

    Bagel IS a cutie!!! Hug those boys for me!


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