Tuesday, August 31, 2010

top 10

there is a lot of fun and exciting stuff going on around the ol' homestead. instead of taking time to blog about each thing individually, i thought i'd give a quick run-down:

1. our adoption of elijah miguel should be finalized on september 17th. yippee-kay-aye! what does this mean? well the main thing is: i will finally get to post a picture of the kid! oh, and he'll be a forever part of our growing family. -i guess that's exciting, too. ;)

2. mediation regarding the two other boys placed with us is scheduled for september 30th. if parents decide to relinquish their rights that day, then we begin the 90 days for extended family to come forward and then can pursue adoption. this means that possibly, by the end of january 2011 we might have all our boys as part of our forever family! we're starting to brainstorm on names. exciting!

3. our house is now off the market. we'll wait until next spring to put it back up again. whew!

4. i am enjoying "the excellent wife" bible study SO much and highly recommend it.

5. if you decide to pursue #4, please find awesome friends to do it with you who will spur you on to righteousness. it's kinda hard core and very counter-cultural!

6. we are helping plant a church and in the next few weeks, it should be moving up to the next level which is super exciting and a little intimidating.

7. the state fair of texas is coming at the end of september, and as i type this, i am peeing my pants with excitement.

8. i have now cleaned up the mess from # 7.

9. our part time nanny will now be working one evening a week so the hubs and i can go on a date night. i peed again!

10. i'm going to start subbing for a bunco group once a month and am excited to meet new people and learn a new game. i have no idea how to play! and i have no skill or luck. this should be interesting.

what's going on in y'alls neck of the woods?


  1. #1. I really love everything about this post but especially numbers 1, 2, 4, 6, and 9!!!!!!!!! I really want to do The Excellent Wife - I've heard amazing things about it. I miss you, friend, SO much!!! Can't wait to hang out again! By the way, I've read a few chaptes of Family Driven Faith and LOVED them. I really should read the whole thing. It's just collecting dust on my bookshelf!!

  2. YAYYYY!!! I am so glad that so many awesome things are coming your way!
    I have never ever been to the state fair. I will have to check out this Bible Study. I have been thinking of doing a small Bible Study! Anyway! So happy and can't wait to see a picture of lil Elijah!


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