Wednesday, August 25, 2010


i feel like i owe an explanation to my 2 readers. where have i been?

well, we went to kentucky. i don't like to post online when we leave town because i am prone to stalkers. they are SO into me. --sarcastic tone is lost in blogging.

no, i'm just cautious. i don't want someone to break into our home while we're away and steal our doggies. ryken and emmy would miss us greatly. and they are our only valuable possessions. wait. can you OWN a dog? liz from mabel's house would disagree and might actually ban me from reading her blog just for saying it.

ok focus. kentucky.
we drove up, we drove back. we had a GREAT time there.
the total driving time up: 19 hours
the total driving time back: 100 million hours

it. took. forever.

but it was all worth it to see my brother and his family. the cousins got to play together. we got out of the texas heat. we ate yummy food.

but since all my pictures have all the kiddos in it, i shall leave you with this picture of gabe.
he's gonna be mr. july in a fireman's calendar.


  1. Kentucky is beautiful! I love a good road trip and being cautious isn't a bad thing but give a girl a warning...I was starting to get panicked!

  2. Missed you! :) Glad you had fun. Gabe is adorable! :)

  3. I'm so the same way about facebook status updates...I don't want anyone to know when we are gone. Love the pic of cute!!


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