Monday, August 9, 2010


i'd like to take a little time to reflect on a wonderful time in all our lives. a time where temperatures drop below 95 degrees. a time when women no longer wear scantily clad shorts, skirts, and tank tops. a time where i can load the kids into their carseats without needing a towel to catch the dripping sweat. (sexy, huh?)

that's right. i'm talking about fall.

it's only august, and in texas that means that fall is a mere 7 months away. just kidding. 6.

as i took my kids out to the basketball court for them to ride their tricycles, and i realized i was sweating through my shirt, i couldn't help but long for cooler days.

i can't wait for fall magazines with cute centerpieces made from tree bark and pumpkins. i can't wait for the state fair of texas. i can't wait for snuggly time under a blanket watching a scary movie. ahhh.

come on, fall, i'm ready for yah.


  1. Girl, I'm totally feelin' ya! We have a white candle that sits outside on a red bench and it's totally melted away. I have a pile pink wax on the patio cement and my bench needs a new paint job!

    I'm looking forward to apple cider and kettle corn from the local pumpkin patch!!!!

    Miss you too, friend!!!

  2. I thought this same thing the other day while loading and unloading from cars! Whew it is hot! It sure makes errand day sucky! I am ready for fall but not so happy about freezing cold winters!


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