Sunday, August 1, 2010

yet another one

so i haven't been around much this past week because our littlest has been in the hospital...yet again.

it is only ok because he is worth it.

but after this 4 day hospital stay, and my husband working overnight all weekend, we are slowly adjusting to even more sleep deprivation and more medications that we have to administer.

see, we have so many meds for him already that we had to buy a rather large tool box to store them all in so they are lockable. (foster care regulations)

but now, we have even more...where are we going to put all these?

the whole thing was just not a pleasant experience. emergency room at 8pm on wednesday, didn't get admitted to a room until 2am, moved rooms 3 times, rude doctor, discrepancies between what our pulmonologist says and what the hospital doctor says, breathing treatments every 2 hours. whew.

i. am. tired.

we got released and arrived home last night around 11:30pm. there's laundry to fold, kitchens to clean (apparently i have several), floors to be mopped, and kids to hug and hold.

i have made a master list, because that's how i roll. and i will slowly but surely check off each box throughout the next two weeks. --this is positive thinking.

God really truly provided for us during our stay. great and wonderful friends brought food, took the kids to the pool, and prayed. i am very grateful.

although we are home, the baby is not totally well. please continue to pray that he would recover fully and that we wouldn't see that hospital again for at least another 5 months!


  1. Sadly...I actually recognize most of those medicines by their boxing...because of Lilys breathing trouble years. Hang in there it DOES get better...I am telling you from the perspective of a parent who made many many 90 mile an hour drives to Cooks Childrens those first few years. Get some rest! Even if you get all that stuff done on your master will all be back with a vengeance when someone steps foot in one of your kitchens or decides to play in mud. Hugs and prayers going up!

  2. I am praying protection over your house. May you all find rest.


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