Thursday, July 22, 2010


we've been doing some rearranging around here and now everyone is "fitting" much better. above is our living room during the process. not pretty. not pretty at all.

this is the guest room during the process. it's a big room and we figured it could be put to better use with three boys in there instead of guests randomly coming to visit.
this is the guest room after. the three oldest now sleep here. when i say "sleep," what i really mean is "play loudly until they fall asleep in sheer exhaustion."

here is one of the other bedrooms before. cribs take up so much space. i don't have pics yet of the third bedroom, but i can do those for yah if you really can't handle not knowing.
we changed the room into the guest room. now every room has a purpose and isn't a hodge-podge with cribs to the ceiling. yay! hard work pays off. we have an open house on sunday. we'll see how that goes!

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