Thursday, July 15, 2010

the saga continues

no adoption in july

it's ok

don't cry about it

that won't do me any good ;)

our poor family tree.

alright here's the skinny on the "adoption that never was" --maybe that's a bit overdramatic... it's just postponed.

the baby, who has nothing to do with the adoption of elijah, hit his head. he fell. babies do this. -on occasion. fell and hit his head on the floor. shocked yet? nope? exactly.

but because he had a big ol' fat bruise on his forehead, i had to let CPS know, who in turn, had to let licensing know.

and then there's this thing called an investigation
it's exactly what it sounds like. and turns out, you can't adopt a kid while there's an open investigation on your home.

SO...we have to postpone it.
and that's ok. because if this was easy, everybody would be doing it. and we like to be the popular kids who try new things ;)

the end


  1. i love your last line and how you word things. you are too funny. sorry this process is taking so long. praying for you!

  2. Wow... Sometimes these things just happen and they seem so not in our plans. God has a plan, Thank you Lord for that... You are an amazing Mom, God placed them with you for a reason. Keep on Keeping on!
    You do have one amazing attitude!

  3. Thanks guys. It's all good. Timing is everything, right? ;)


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