Tuesday, July 13, 2010

hopelessly generic

as we have previously established, i am apparently trendy. even though i don't really enjoy trendiness. and lately i have been looking at our suburban life and thinking, "wow. i feel a little generic." this all came about when i was daydreaming about our future home. our house is for sale and i am ready for something different.

we live in suburban san antonio. in a subdivision. need i say more?

there are lots of homes that we've looked at that are similar to the one we have now...but i've been thinking.

dangerous, i know...

and here's what i think about: a barn.

no joke. a big, fat barn and on the inside...loveliness!

i want an acre or two for the kiddos to run around and play. i want an outdoor dining room where we can hang lights in the trees and light wonderful lanterns on the table.

i want home.


  1. i think a barn would be fabulous! I know a few people that have barns but on the inside you would never know it was a barn. They are so nice! Well good luck on selling your home and finding your new home!

  2. A barn with lots of space would be GREAT!!!! I might have to move my family on down a live with you guys! ;) Prayin' your home sells fast!!!!!!!

  3. I would love to live in a tree house...like the one they have at Disneyworld? Do you think they would mind if I just moved into the Smith family Robinson tree house??? Good luck with your house selling shenanigans!


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