Sunday, July 11, 2010

family weekend

we just got home from a lovely weekend with the hubs' side of the family. "uncle squishy", the hub's brother, is home from the marines for a really short time. we decided our life needed a little squishiness to it, so we went.

uncle squishy is being deployed soon to serve our country and we needed to give him some extra hugs before he left.

i love being with the hubs and his family. they are huge (in numbers, not in weight hehe) and at any given meal, you are gonna see about 12 people at the table.

and that, my friends, is the kind of family a person should have. momage, my mother-in-law, is unable to cook a meal for one. she cooks in bulk. and

and i want you to know that 3 pack-n-plays, 2 packs of diapers, and lots of sippy cups later, we are home and unpacked. the best part was coming home to a clean house, since we cleaned from top to bottom before leaving town so the house could be shown while we were out. any showings? NOPE. but that's ok. a clean house upon our return was lovely.

next up: buying a new washer and dryer. our dryer takes 3xs around before it dries. this is a problem. for earth (being green is trendy and i'm accepting it) and for a busy momma like myself ;)


  1. I'm glad your home safe and hope to hear of house news soon...or later...whatever. ;)

  2. We bit the bullet and bought our first ever brand new washer and dryer last year...Ive never ever regretted it!
    WOOO I can't imagine packing for that many little ones...I barely get R in our car as is!

  3. Best of luck and God's speed to Justin. Nathan still says if he could, he would go back and be with the guys. Be careful Justin!


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