Thursday, June 24, 2010


well we are nearing the end, folks. this sunday, our 90 days are up. --the 90 days the extended family has to come forward and say they want to attempt to get our little man. he will no longer have any ties to the biological family he originated from. sad, yes. but we rejoice that we get to have him as part of our forever family. he will be elijah miguel. elijah means God is my salvation and miguel is one of his names now, which means "who is like God?" not sure if y'all put it together, but now we'll have our two angels: gabriel and miguel (michael). everything should be finalized july 23, my parents' 43 anniversary. 2 down, people.
2 more to go.

the two newest boys have pre-trial in august so we will know by august 2nd where this case is headed. it moved so much faster because their case has been open since they were put in the shelter, months before we ever heard of them or received them into our family.

the sell of our house is still up in the air. 4 showings in the past month, but nobody's interested. it's all good. no worries. we live in a 1754 sq ft. house with 4 young children, but we have everything we need. how fortunate are we? very!

we finished up our kelly minter study on ruth and i love it. everybody should do it. apparently there's also a book called "the gospel of ruth," (blasphemous? i don't think so but i did not go to seminary to make that decision, so who knows...) that is also pretty good from what i hear. next up? the excellent wife study by martha peace. good good stuff.

what are y'all up to? what are you learning? what is up-in-the-air in your life?


  1. I don't think it is blasphemous but I didnt go to seminary either...Ill have to check with Steven. It is good every book in the Bible could be a gospel in one way or another.
    I am glad the long road has an end in sight. You are kinda my hero!
    You know...a bigger house just means more rooms to clean...thats the bright side! lol!
    What are we up too? Shoot me a message on FB with your email and I will send you an invite to my blog so you can keep if you have time to do that. Basically a whole lot of summer camps and revolving door of out of town-in town-washing laundry-out of town.
    Right now I am actually doing the Love Dare with Steven...just for fun...he doesn't know soooo "shhhh"
    whats up in the air? the impending doom of starting back to graduate school after a year long baby break...ugh.

  2. We are so excited for your growing little* family. I know it isn't little but the boys are :) Thank you for your sweet text, Ben read it and just laughed, I think he was thinking "Ahhh Margaret". Your words are very encouraging, you are awesome at that! Love you, have a wonderful day Sunday with whatever y'all do for this special event.


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