Saturday, June 19, 2010

girls weekend

sooner than promised, these are the pics from my girls' weekend.

last weekend, i went to visit my friend stormatha, that's what i call her, to hang out and enjoy some relaxation time.

our friend lauren drove down the next day. lovely lovely girl time. i realized half-way there that i had not been away for a fun trip since before we ever had kids. i went to a conference once overnight, but that's not the same.

here's a pic of the place where we stayed. storm is housesitting and so we got to enjoy a beach vacation FO' FREE.
the people who own the place are currently building a house so we enjoyed the smaller quarters out back, complete with a banjo!

we thought this was interesting. whoever wrote this was not overly dramatic. none of that "i love jeff" nonsense. watch your back, jeff.

my favorite part of the weekend was reading trivial pursuit cards to each other while eating yummy friend shrimp and friend okra. (those are the two most important food groups).

storm and i had to walk the dog everyday at the beach. whatcha gonna do? life is hard. walking at the beach, daily, in the breeze, enjoying seagulls (as much as one can) and talking about the creepy old hotel that would be less creepy once remodeled. good times. who could ask for anything more?

after dinner we watched "whip it" which makes me happy. anytime you pair a coming-of-age story with girls being athletic and tough, it rocks my face off.

we stumbled upon a yummy treat by snyder's of hanover. it's pretzel bits that are honey mustard and onion flavored. delicioso!

i actually got some sun, which means my chicken-fleshy-looking legs are less chicken-fleshy-looking.

apparently this poor person lost their shoes and had to endure sharp oyster shells. can you not read the sign? we think it might have been a leprechaun. look at those buckles.

i like this. crabs are much more threatening with teeth. grrrr.

i have no idea who this person in the corner is. -some strange woman. ;)

we had trouble getting a good picture of all of us. you should be appreciative of the fact that i edited these photos and only put up the ones where our eyes are open and not crossed.

here's us. lauren, storm, and myself. now let's put our feet up and relax a bit more.



  1. I LOVE (not just like) that you got a get need one! Sounds like my kind of weekend. I am a lover of fried okra shrimp AND trivial pursuit cards! sounds fabulous!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE. You and our trivial pursuit......

  3. must have been rough.. walkin' on the beach everyday.... playing games eating fried foods... sounds like a blast!


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