Sunday, February 28, 2010

finished project

back by popular demand, here are more pics of our antique room. most everything belonged to a family member. i know the hub's mom has awesome antiques and wonderful old pics, but i have not even thought until this moment to ask her for any she's not using. --that way, it could be a room that represents both of our families. hmmm... something to think on.

anyways, this is our seating area. the phone is actually from my house growing up. we didn't have a cordless phone until i was like in the 8th grade.

quilt: dad's mom, pillows: me, phone table: dad's family, rocker: mom's family

i think i've already shown you guys these cuter than cute vintage pins. they were my mom's. i stole this idea of displaying them in a pretty dish from liz at mabel's house. you should go chack her out.

so are you ready? i finished my project of the antique frame today while the baby was sleeping.

wait for it

wait for it
TA - DA!!!

my plan is to paint the frame with some sage green paint or light blue and then wipe it off so it leaves just a little bit of the paint behind. i'm sure there's a name for this kind of "treatment" but i have no idea what it is.
inside the frame: a farmer's almanac from 1918 open to the month of march, the address and advertising info for my great great (?) aunt's drugstore, and the pic of the drugstore. i used burlap behind the pics. i know it's a bit beige, but with the paint on the frame that i'll add later, i think it'll balance it out.

so there you go...our antique room. -- a work in progress.


  1. oooh I love that idea with the Frame. Also, terrific idea for the pins. What a pretty way to show them off.

  2. I'm with Amy! That frame is FANTASTIC! Also, I'm in love with your brooch collection!!! BEAUTIFUL! Can I come stay in your antique room soon?


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