Monday, March 8, 2010

a few weeks

so in 15 days, we will be in court for our little man. it'll be the pre-trial date to determine if the parents will get an extension or if rights will be terminated.

i am thinking about it non-stop. and praying about it constantly.

we want our little monkey FOREVER. and even if they terminate, it's not certain we'll get him. extended family has 90 days after that to come forward. on the other side, even if they offer an extension, it doesn't mean we will lose him. they could still not achieve their plan's goals and rights would then be terminated. then the 90 days for extended family would begin.

so basically we have awhile longer on this whole ordeal.

but i am eager to see how God works this out. my arms would feel so empty without him there. so i'm going to press on, knowing God has complete control over all of this.

but you better believe this: if we find out that rights are being terminated in a few weeks, you will hear a yell coming from the direction of san antonio that is the most victorious sound you've ever heard. that'll be me.

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  1. I'll pray for God to work his plans for y'all! Good luck!


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