Tuesday, February 23, 2010

antique room

so here's a much needed break from "the children" --insert dum dum dum!!!

i can't remember if i've posted about our guest room much...so if you've seen this pic before, i am sorry for my negligence.

here's our guest bed. i have plans for this room. sage paint on the walls, different lamp shades, cute bedside tables that aren't meant to sit next to couches, you know the drill.

i've been sleeping in this room with the baby in a pack n play (the baby sleeps in the pack n play, not me.) and i have to say it's not as clean as it was in this pic. i made those throw pillows though, so does that give me some bonus points?

i have an antique frame from our extended family that hangs on a wall in this room that you can't see. and my mom gave me some old pics that i will put in there as well as a farmer's almanac from 1918 that will be included. i just need a few minutes to head on down to hobby lobby or something and get some scrapbook paper to put behind the pics. oooh! or maybe some fabric instead! ooh! i like that!

you wanna know a shocking fact? the hubs does NOT love antiques. i think they tell a story. he thinks they look dingy. i tell him all the time that if he wasn't around, i'd have antiques all over the place. he doesn't like that idea so much. if i had the choice, i'd pick the hubs over antiques... but i'd rather not choose ;)


  1. You are so silly. You always make me smile. When we move back and get a house I want to have an antique bathroom. Old style tub, sink, mirrors..the works! So I feel you on this!

  2. This picture doesn't do your antique room justice! I just LOVE it!!! I really do think the sidetables are cute and charming!

    It breaks my heart that your hubby thinks of antiques as "dingy". I'll pray for him cause clearly he needs convertin'!

  3. I find a balance between things that are old and things that look old and contemporary things, and it is all me. Charlie would have glass and metal everywhere if it was his choice, but NO. Not in my house. I have lots of newer things that are designed to look old, and I love them! It's all a mishmash.

  4. Ha. I find that a lot of men dont 'get' antiques. But, when they calculate in the money you save them by buying old stuff, they'll usually come around. :)

  5. I love your side tables! They are really nice. The quilt is lovely! I love antiques as well. I think they add much needed character to a room. You hit the nail right on the head. They do tell a story and I think that is so romantic! Don't ya think?


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