Friday, February 19, 2010

chaos ensues

you know what the problem is with being exhausted and stretched in at least 5 different directions? not having positive things to say when people call to check up on you. as i told a friend yesterday, this sucks. it's the hardest thing i've ever done. i would NEVER recommend it to ANYONE. i am sick of poopy diapers, washing bottles, bite marks, screaming, whining, sleepless nights, and an unclean house.

now, if you write me a comment and say "oh marge, don't worry about cleaning the house." i will hunt you down and force you to clean my baseboards and bathrooms. if you write me a comment that says, "hang in there marge," then you will be asked to babysit every friday night for the rest of 2010. so carefully choose your words.

don't worry about me. platitudes are not necessary. (do i get bonus points for using the word "platitude?") just pray for us. there is no relief in sight. the hubs is leaving over spring break to a mission trip and i will be all alone with no mother's day out to relieve me. i usually don't tell people before the hubs or i leave town because i think there's some small chance someone might figure out where we live and steal all our valuables (which would include things like baby bottles and poopy diapers, as previously discussed). i'm telling you this so you can pray to the Lord God above that our children will remain alive and in tact.

so know that we are ok. we are not great. we are not horrible. 4 boys under the age of 4 sucks. but God called us to do it, and we're doing it. joyfully? maybe not, but we're doing it all the same.

go buy yourself some starbucks or go skipping through target. --and i will live vicariously through you.


  1. I have an idea.... I will call you soon!

  2. I'm sorry Marge. Just remember there won't always be good days and there won't always be bad days. There will be some okay days but you'll get through it all. God wouldn't put you to it if you couldn't get through it! Just remember to take loooonggg breaths! haha

  3. I love you even when you are pissed off! I will come help if you ever need it.


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