Wednesday, January 6, 2010


hello my peeps. how is your new year going? i have been working hard ever since coming back home from the holidays. and i feel almost icky.

i have been working hard from the time i get up until the time i go to sleep. working out, trying to get on top of cleaning up the house (and that's not even actual cleaning, it's just putting things away that have been out for too long). whew. i need to put my feet up.

i have some before and after pictures of cleaning out the boys' closets and will post them soon.
here are some things i still need to do this week. maybe if i share them with you, i'll feel more relaxed.
coffee with my friend heather (this is the only one i'm excited about)
go downtown to schedule and pay for fire/health inspections
mop the bathroom floor (3 year old boys...let me tell yah)
fax forms to pediatrician
get haircuts for boys
do daily reading of Bible (should be excited about this)
daily workout (never excited about this)
dentist visits for boys
high school youth girls night out: i'm co-hosting (oh wait. i'm excited about this too)
schedule CPR training for justin
and maybe go to the zoo

well that's better than i thought. i'm excited about 2 things! that's something to be glad about.

you know what i just realized? almost half of this list is because we're a foster family. --with fostering, you have due dates that everything must happen by. and it seems all is due sometime in january. all of this list will happen before saturday. i also would like to go thru all the boys' toys and organize/get rid of/donate some of the older or less interesting ones. but i don't want to bite off too much, so we'll see how it goes.

i bet each of us has a big to-do list. alrighty then...let's go get 'em

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