Friday, January 1, 2010

marge revolution

so instead of new year's resolutions...i'm going to do
a marge revolution. dum dum dum.
the hubs thinks this is corny. and ridiculous. and that's exactly why i like it.
i have a few goals:
*i bought a daily Bible from lifeway and it was on sale for $5.
i started it today. one of the goals is to read it daily and finish the Bible in a year. --thanks to my friend amanda jo for that one. she's a good tipster.

*i have been doing power 90 on and off for months to get in shape. i am not making a resolution to lose a certain amount of weight, but i want to be healthier all around. and my "all around" is much bigger than it used to be.

*i like sudoku. my mom gave me a book and i plan on working on it to where i become THE sudoku champion... of.the. WORLD! (when you say this or read this, try to use a wrestling announcer's voice.) --in all reality, i just want to challenge my brain a bit.

*i bought a new study on ruth and am excited to delve into that one. i will have my Bible study brain in full gear because we're also continuing our revelation study by kay arthur next week.

*AND i received two new books from my parental units: vintage Jesus by mark driscoll, which i have not started yet and adopted for life by russell moore.

adopted for life rocks my face off. it's pretty amazing and i'm not even to chapter 3. it's not solely about the physical adoption of a child, it's about our adoption as children of God. i think everyone will love it. that might be what my free giveaway will be. who knows.

so those books and things won't take me a whole year, but they're things that will keep me learning new things. and the sudoku thing...well, who doesn't want the fame that accompanies such a feat?

our Christmas was fabulous and blessed and new year's was uneventful. i have to admit that i have been nervous about moving past Christmas. january is when some things can change with our foster child and bio mom might get out of jail. this is the beginning of the end. either parents will work their plan to get him back or they will falter. either way, by this time next year, we should know if we'll stay a 4 person family or not. the boys are growing and flourishing and learning so much. i am such a proud mama.

enough about me. let the revolution begin.


  1. I am not good at making resolutions. Not at all. Although yours sound really good, and I do like resolutions that have to do with books. I like books.

  2. You are my favorite! Oh, and thank YOU for hanging out with me over the break! It was so nice getting to visit with you like that! Ethan just LOVED playing with your boys! We should get them together again soon!


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