Thursday, January 7, 2010

closets are done!

so, as promised, here are some before and after pics of the boys' closets. they are not drop-your-jaw impressive, but i did work hard. the problem is, we have all these clothes that we've bought for our foster son to grow into, and we don't want them in the garage. --hence the big storage bins in the top of his closet.

here's our foster son's closet before:

i promise i don't leave large trash bags in my child's closet for long periods of time. this bag is full of hangers for my friend when she thought about selling her child's clothes...needless to say, turns out she didn't need them

another organizational challenge is that our foster son is growing like a weed and his tummy is becoming quite rotund. so where do i put the clothes he has grown out of?

--the answer is: on the other side of this closet. i had them shoved into every nook and cranny. but i took care of that too, and now have them sorted and put away.

AND after...

applause? why thank you!

(insert curtsy here)

the eldest's before:
our older son's room has been the catch-all for scrapbooks, toys too old for him, craft supplies, games with pieces too small to be left out, etc. this is only one side of the nightmare.
don't judge...please.

i know...

for shame!

see anything you like? i sell to you for 2 dolla. ;)

what do we have here? geo tracks set, huge dog from my dating days with the hubs, a frog hanging thingy (that's the technical name for it), a dirt devil toy vacuum, and all sorts of board games. that the kitchen sink i see back there?

AND after...

the biggest shocker of all? no, i didn't just take some stuff out and hide it from the camera's view. i actually have put some stuff out in my car to donate. and some stuff got thrown away (but don't tell the hubs, because he is the king of re-gifting/donating/etc.)

victory is mine, trebek! something accomplished. ta-da!

as for my to-do list shared in the last post, things are looking up. i had a mental breakdown of sorts last night, and my lovely husband held me and patted me while i cried. gotta love him!

and now, after scheduling things, cleaning out/sorting toys, and eating some chocolate chip cookies, i am feeling much better about life. i am ready for a bubble bath with my fabulous milk and honey scented stuff from bath and body works.
next up on the to-do list: clean the house from top to bottom. due date for completion? sometime in late february. i'm lowering my standards. ;)


  1. They look great!!! E's closet has yet to recover from Christmas...maybe I can work on it this weekend!

  2. Great before and afters. I love the feeling of cleaning and getting organized like this. It's the best.

    Hope you have a great Monday!


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