Tuesday, January 12, 2010

fostering update

we were approved for the boys and will now be getting them THURSDAY! whew! but God has truly provided. as i drove home from meeting the youngest in the hospital, i was praising God. He has provided everything we need. i kept singing "Your grace is enough, heaven reaching down to us, Your grace is enough for me." --chris tomlin

in the last 24 hours, we have at least a temporary car to fit 4 children, car seats, high chairs, cribs, clothes, diapers, formula, and lots and lots of help. i have sat back many a time today and just thought, "man, Jesus, you love me!" and He just keeps giving us confirmation that this is exactly what we're supposed to be doing.

i spent today rearranging the rooms (gabe and monkey will now be rooming together), making TONS of phone calls, meeting the littlest at the hospital (he smiles and coos a lot), and getting my eyebrows threaded (because who doesn't need a makeover days before doubling the number of children in their home?) (btw, threading...CRAZY. i've never had it done before and it was way weird and amazing).

over the next few days, people from all over san antonio are going to be dropping off stuff for our new boys. if you are one of these people, or a person who is praying for our family, i cannot thank you enough and words really don't express the gratitude we have for you.

i'll try to keep you guys updated over the next few days.
i need to think up blog names for all 4 boys to keep this generic. any ideas?

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  1. Wow. A crazy couple of days, but so exciting! Keep us posted!


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