Wednesday, January 13, 2010

12 hours to go

we are blessed beyond measure.

to the left, the closet that was clean and tidy last week? hmmm...

we've gotten so many donations of clothes, diapers, bottles, and so much more.

and bibs. we now have lots of bibs.

--and we need them, because apparently young babies spit everywhere.

i pick up the baby at the hospital tomorrow morning and the older kiddo comes later in the day from the shelter.

so here's what i've decided: the new toddler will be named z-diddy, and the baby will be called colalicious. i know it sounds complicated, but there's four kids, 3 of them who can't be named publicly, so roll with it.

here's some of the donations we've received so far. thanks to my friend missie who has helped out enormously. she had friends donate to us that i don't even know. i was worried i wouldn't be able to thank her friends and do you know what? she even addressed thank you notes to them so i could write them our thanks! what a great friend, huh?

i still need to sort stuff, get more hangers, and sanitizes bottles. we are just plugging along.

i got to spend some time with the baby, colalicious, today at the hospital and he's doing so great! he smiles and coos and laughs. everybody at the hospital loves him.

i think one of the hardest parts of all this is the realization that my house, as it is now, is the cleanest it is going to be for a LONG, LONG while. and i like cleanliness. ah, well. you live and learn and then get dirty.

please continue to pray for us. i can seriously feel the peace of God throughout the day when i begin to feel frazzled.

i won't be able to post pictures, but hopefully tomorrow i can blog and tell you guys how our first day went with all 4 of our boys.

...and here...we...gooooooooooooo!


  1. I love you more than chocolate biscuits! Have I told you that lately?

    I am so thankful for your willingness to take on two more little ones and love them with all your heart - cause I know you do! The Lord is so gracious to put them in a home as loving and Christ centered as yours! He is SO good!

    You're an amazing woman and my hero! I am so thankful to call you a friend! We'll keep praying for you all!!!

  2. Yes, I second that comment from above! You are amazing and I can't wait to hear stories about all this! Have you had a newborn before?

    And I just want to tell you that you can do it! Yup. You can.


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