Friday, November 13, 2009


hello all. love the bright green paint? obnoxious and blinding? my bad.

we go to court on tuesday for monkey. nothing will probably be decided, but it's still kind of nerve-racking. it's the 6 month court date, so we'll just be gathering info.

lots of you have expressed such compassion and encouragement to us during the past few weeks, and i cannot express how much we appreciate your thoughts and prayers. we are ready to have this decided, hopefully in favor of having our little man in our family forever, but we still have until march at the earliest to find out.

i want to put it down on "paper" how much i love this little man. in case this doesn't turn out the way we hope, i want to have it recorded somewhere all the little nuances about him that make my heart smile. --the way his ears stick out the more he smiles, the way he shakes his booty to rap music, the way only his brother can make him laugh so hard that, if he were not a baby, he would pee his pants. he is talking and learning so much and imitating sounds FINALLY (his "moo" is kind of hilarious). -- all the things we've been working on for months. he's finally seeming to get the hang of it all. i am so blessed with this little man and want to keep him forever and ever.

gabe has really taken on the big brother role. he is constantly trying to teach monkey something new. --good or bad. :) it's pretty darn cute, i'll tell you that much. tonight gabe was teaching monkey to jump like spiderman, which is developmentally impossible at this age for monkey. but nevertheless, he tried. and they both ended up on the floor, rolling around, laughing hysterically.

please pray for him and us and that God's will would be done in all this. -specifically that God would protect him from those that might harm him (intentionally or unintentionally).

so my big favor to ask of you all: please pray for us. thanks guys!

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