Wednesday, November 4, 2009

in my mind i'm going to carolina

here are my honey and i hanging out in sc with our dearest kylie and eric.

two years ago, we went out to dinner with this couple who were working on staff at our church.

we laughed, we cried, it was a great night. and the crying was mostly because of the laughter. they were pregnant and we were in the process of trying to become foster parents. they were young and random, we were young and random. so it was fate. the stars aligned as eric and kylie became our friends.

then...HORROR. they decided to move away this august to south carolina to plant a church. abandon me? i wouldn't hear of it. but despite my attempts at sabotaging their move, they left me.

i know...sad day...

how were our children going to grow up and get married if they lived in a different state? who would i eat at chick fil a with on a daily basis? who would help me paint my living room an obnoxious color of deep orange? these are the questions we have to ask ourselves when those closest to us are abandoning us for pretty leaves and southern hospitality. so after a few months the four of us packed up and traveled up to sc to bond with friends.

here's kylie and gabe. they're two peas in a pod.

here's my son's beloved. he will marry this girl, whether they like it or not. i've informed her parents of the requirement of a dowry, and despite this knowledge, they are still interested in our children growing old together.

she likes to say "HEY!" to everyone who passes by. she has a curly mohawk. she's every parent's dream.

she was a ladybug for halloween, and actually wore the costume, which is a step up from most kids.

we went to three different halloween festivals and had a great time experiencing the cool weather and friendliness of kylie's home town.

our kiddos had a great time. i can't post pics of monkey, but him dressed as an actual monkey is as cute as you can imagine.
this big guy was a racecar driver. very handsome indeed. he pretended to vroom vroom around the town square all night.

the trip was wonderful and although we wish they lived closer, it was great to travel up to see them.

at any point, i can pack up the car and be there in 18 hours. that is nice to know. :)

i might just leave for sc tomorrow. kids like long car rides, right?

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  1. The weather has been so nice here in the Carolinas the last couple of days. We are loving it, too.

    This happened with us too. My husband's best friend and his wife moved to Missouri and we just haven't known what to do without them. It's been hard. Couple friends are hard to find.


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