Wednesday, November 18, 2009

court and campout

thank you all for your prayers about monkey's hearing. the court date went well. no big news, just proceeding as usual. trial is still set for march, but CPS could ask for an extension. so...we wait. it's kinda like the army. you hurry up and wait and nothing is final until the ink is dry.

on a lighter note, this weekend was full of exciting events. i found out two of my close friends are expecting! fun baby showers to plan!

the hubs held a campout for gabe. he decided it would be fun to put up the tent in the backyard, roast marshmellows, and bond with his eldest.

they had a great time even though there was a 4am wakeup call with a pee-soaked preschooler. ew! and i didn't have to change a pullup! woohoo!

here's the duo, complete with long-johns, since fall finally hit texas last week.

besides the campout and my family coming to visit, my dear friend, stormy, came for a small stay. she is NOT one of the friends who is expecting. -just in case you were wondering.

you might remember my apron from a previous blog entry. it's lovely, isn't it?

well my sister was quite covetous of it and decided she wanted one for herself for Christmas. since i can't sew a stitch and am pretty incompetent in general, i asked stormy to come in and help me make one for my sis.

my sister had picked out the material, trim, etc while she was visiting a few months back, so stormy and i got to work and completed the apron in about 2 hours.

besides two hot chicks looking mighty good in this pic, do you notice my new haircut? i call it a haircute, because i'm rockin' this new do. ha!

here we are displaying our domesticity complete with barefeet, aprons, and kitchenware. i know...shock and awe...shock....and....awe.

julia childs, eat your heart out.

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