Wednesday, October 14, 2009

25 things

a blog i follow did this and i enjoyed it. here are 25 things you don't know about me:

1. when i was little, my brother would hang me from the clothesline and tickle me, and because i was so scared to fall, i just hung on to the pole, terrified and tortured
2. i always wear flip flops. i don't like shoes, they make my feet hot
3. i think chapstick and lotion fix a lot of problems
4. i hate it when people ask "when are you going to have your own kids?"
5. i am a procrastinator of the worst kind
6. my husband collects stuff like paperclips and rubberbands and it drives me crazy. i try to throw them away any chance i get
7. i love scented candles, especially during the fall. i burn them all the time
8. my least favorite chore in the WORLD is yardwork
9. i am a little obsessed with bravo's reality tv and watch it all the time
10. my favorite movies are under the tuscan sun, you've got mail, and 13 going on 30. i like action movies too.
11. i hit the snooze button several times each morning
12. i am grumpy when my kids wake me up
13. i think televised evangelists are corny and fake
14. i love laughing with friends over coffee. if you can make me laugh, you're here to stay
15. if i watch a scary movie, i think about it for weeks and still get scared, even if it's lame
16. i am thinking about writing a book
17. i like the words "moist," "jonah," and "dubious"--they sound good in your mouth
18. i am always afraid i will undercook chicken, and therefore i overcook it. sad day
19. i sleep with a bat by my bed in case a burglar comes
20. i love to sing harmony, not the melody
21. after i watch a movie about people growing or changing, i always want to get a haircut or start listening to new music or buy new clothes
22. my personality is punk/hippie but i always dress in clothes from old navy. what a disappointment
23. i have a small obsession with journals and purses. if i see one, i want to buy it
24. my husband and i write love letters to each other. aaah, sweet, huh?
25. some of my favorite lyrics are "you may be right, i may be crazy, but it just might be a lunatic you're looking for."


  1. Okay, after reading this I know that we can totally be friends. I just wrote a book after thinking about it for years, I love Bravo and am watching Top Chef right now, love You've Got Mail, love chapstick and have it everywhere, love Billy Joel and we sleep with a bat by our bed, too. See? Totally simpatico!

  2. Things I didn't know about Marge and think are funny or not true:

    1. Probably NOT a procrastinator of the WORST kind.
    2. Justin's rubberbands and paperclips make you crazy...Hey, maybe the man never had paperclips and rubberbands growing up as a child, you monster.
    3. You hit the snooze button probably once, you procrastinator you.
    4. We are two peas on scary movies.
    5. Your book would be hilarious, yet deep and provocative. I would love to read Marge V.
    6. I agree about moist and dubious, but Jonah is dubitable. "Jonah...Jonah...Jonah" mmmm, nope doesn't do it for me. Don't get me wrong, I like Jonah, but I perfer words like num-num, and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious...words that feel full : P
    7. I promise to never break into your house, fearful of meeting big bad the dark...WITH A BAT! We totally used to sleep with a bat too; now we have a knife(wooohooo).

  3. thanks sissy! we can hang out anytime! :) shirley, i love that you think the best of me even though you know better. teehee


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