Thursday, October 8, 2009

more decorating

i got such good response (a whopping 3 comments) from my last blog entry about fall, that i decided to post another. here's our house. i spent about $25 to buy fake leaves, a bag of pinecones and leaves, a witch hat, some hand towels, and several other finds and now my house is in its full-fall wardrobe.

this is king humphrey. he didn't want me to take his picture. he said he was much too dignified to be caught wearing a costume, but i had to disagree. we bought him in lake tahoe when we went on our honeymoon. talk about awkward, a 6'5" man carrying king humphrey onto the plane with us after our trip. we got some stares to say the least. :) they even checked him to make sure we didn't hollow him out and stash drugs in him. yes, because that's the FIRST place i'd hide drugs, in a big, heavy wooden bear. geesh.

i like to put a witch hat on him for halloween, a santa clause cap for christmas, and you get the idea. he acts like he doesn't like it, but secretly he does.

i have had this charger since we first moved to san antonio and have not used it in years. i put some pinecones on it and now it's festive. it looks really warm and inviting in the evening with the candle lit. i love me some candles.

what have you done for fall? the cold front is coming tonight, and i'm ready for cocoa or a pumpkin spice latte. yum.


  1. Good job Margaret! Very festive! Hey, has anyone ever told you that you home is naturally apt to fall decor :D Love ya! BTW, I suck at blogging.

  2. Thanks for popping over and commenting on my adoption blog. I always enjoy finding others who have been/are going through the process. It gives me hope that we will have a baby in our arms someday soon!


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