Monday, October 19, 2009

pumpkin patch extravaganza

bring on the fall, bring on the funk.
it's time for the pumpkin patch extravaganza edition of this blog.

i like to use the word "extravaganza" and when i say it, yell it. it makes everything sound very important. in high school we had an exemption extravaganza. i always yelled it with gusto, and it changed lives. well, maybe not. but it made it fun.

we went out to medina, tx this weekend, and our kiddos had a great time. these are the pumpkins everyone buys and paints. aren't they beautiful works of art?

this is gabe, our eldest. he's very excited to be here. can't you tell? it really was one of those beautiful days where the weather is just right. it felt like fall, and that's a big achievement in
south texas.

we spent the whole morning out there, petting animals and riding on a tractor. what could be better?

i have more pics, but they all include our little foster son, monkey, and he's not allowed to be shared over the world-wide-web. sad day, because he IS a cutie.

for halloween we're doing something special this year. i'll tell you about it afterwards. but gabe is expected to be a racecar driver and monkey will actually be a monkey. funny, eh? they are both equally excited...they told me so.

on a sadder note, we got some news about monkey today and again, it's a waiting game. there's a family member who's interested, and we'll just have to wait and see if they can "work the plan"to get him. up until this point, it's looked promising that we would get to keep him. this is the first sad news we've received in awhile. so we'll wait and pray and see what happens. hopefully we'll get to be his forever family. please keep our family in your prayers. thanks guys!


  1. They are going to look adorable, Miggs will make the perfect monkey = D Stay strong Margarita. I'm praying for you and Miggy.

  2. I will be praying about Miggs...

  3. thanks guys! things look like they might be ok, but we'll just have to wait and see. nothing is for certain until the ink is dry on the paper...and we're nowhere near that stage yet.


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