Tuesday, September 8, 2009

not trendy at all

so here's my newest find. these cute birdie salt and pepper shakers were only $3. i know...let's take a moment to be stunned by my excellence in bargain shopping. but the non-trendy part? i did not find these at a vintage store. i did not find them at an estate sale. i did not find them on etsy. nope. i found them at pier one. the trendy-impersonator person's store. i'm sure pier one is seen as the generic attempt at being trendy. but i love that place. everything i looked at today made me say "oh my goodness, that makes me happy." so there you go. pier one. go figure.

the vase below is from target and i love it with all my heart. one of my fave hobbies is to buy a bouquet of flowers and split it up into several different vases and put them all over my house. lovely.

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