Friday, September 4, 2009

old hat boxes and tin can chairs

these are my grandmother's hats. we called her "ma." when i moved into our house, i brought these with me. i always keep a few of them on display in our guest room.

my ma was a pretty cool little lady. i never knew her because she died before i was born. she made quilts, but she never measured anything so none of them are square. (i kinda like that.) she also made little dollhouse chairs out of aluminum cans.--talk about talent. she was known for going around the baseboards at my parents' house with a toothbrush to clean them better. --i wish she could come and do my baseboards. they're horrible.

her name was edith ellen, and i know that's a bit old fashioned, but i kinda like it. i've thought about naming a daughter after her and calling her "edie" (eedy), but the hubs won't go for that idea.

what memories do you have of your grandparents?do you remember helping your grandmother cook pies in her kitchen overlooking the front yard with great big oak trees? or do you remember going to the drug store with your grandpa and him letting you pick out a cute doll to take home with you? how about the creepy cows mooing outside their house at night. --and the whole time you're thinking, "i know cows are vegetarians, but man, i think they might eat me."

i want my kids to have memories of traditions and fun times that we've shared. --maybe even a couple of memories about cows. i want them to know where they come from. i want them to have memories that they pass down.
what's your favorite memory?

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  1. my grandparents on my mom's side use to live in Iowa, they live in Texas now, and they had this carpet that was shagged and red and orange and my and my cousins use to call it the spaghetti carpet : )


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