Thursday, August 13, 2009

yo yo yo homey g funk

so i am choosing to help my son, gabe, be fluent in english and ebonics. it's actually the sign of good parenting. at our house there are two things you learn: memorizing scripture and speaking ebonics. both of them are useful.

when you say to our eldest, "you're the bomb-dizzle," he will say, "fo-shizzle." pretty stinkin' cute, huh? i know. now you want to teach your kiddo how to be down with the ebonics like my little man.

i thought about this blog and how i haven't really written much about our eldest. gabe truly IS the bomb-dizzle. and the best 3 year old you know. everyone wants to be like him. when he's really happy about something, he does this little "happy wiggle" which consists of wiggling his bottom while his torso is still. -this can make anyone's day better.

as parents, we recognize the importance of properly greeting your elders. we've taught him how to appropriately greet others by saying "what's up playa?" while flashing gang signs. it's really classy.

i hope this blog encourages you, too, to begin teaching your child ebonics. gangster is the new preppy.

the question is: at the end of the day, does your child make you want to be more gangster? if the answer is no, you haven't done your job.

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  1. lol me and nathan are here cracking up at you and the ebonics! I thought you said you weren't going to get trendy with your blog...looks pretty trendy to me ; )


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