Monday, August 10, 2009

delusional seamstress

so i saw julie and julia with my friend burley shob, otherwise known as shirley bob, yesterday. the hubs has been so lovely to take care of the kiddos while i've gone out often with some friends these past weeks. wonderful to have a break!

the movie just made me think how you can wait half your whole life to find a career and then BAM, it happens. except this took julia child like 10 extra years to get it all together.

so what are you passionate about? what do you wish you could do if you could do anything in the world? it made me think about my new sewing gig. see, i walked around target and world market with my friends amanda and stormy and kept saying, "i could make that." --because eventually i will be a world-famous seamstress. perhaps a younger vera wang. ;) think positive. --that's what i always say. or maybe i should always say "think delusionally"

but in all reality, the hubs and i had a discussion tonight about work/schooling/etc. i am trying to plan long-term for what i'll be doing when our children are of school age. the things i'm most passionate about are speech pathology and sign language interpreting. i think if i did both, i'd be the bomb-dizzle fo-shizzle.

i just don't want to compromise how important family is for me in order to accomplish a career outside the home. the knowledge that the stay-at-home-mom extravaganza is short-term makes me a little sad. i love being home. i love cleaning. --i know, weird. i love playing with my kids and watching them learn and grow. i love teaching them about the Lord. (and not in that order).

so what to do, what to's a head scratcher, i know.

i'm up for suggestions. :)


  1. Well after momma, then there is grandmomma! and there can be come-along side and help others momma! :) I loved Julie and Julia too!

  2. ohoh oh, and then there is adoption and start all over again..I forgot about that one! (From one who adopting in her 40's and 50's when most folks are done!

  3. i think grandmama would be easier at times than momma. ;)

  4. you SO should homeschool margy! you'd be great at it! who can give ur kiddies a better education than you? what teacher would have a more invested interest, huh? well, that's that settled then. done. dusted.

    perhaps you don't know, there are TONS of ridiculously inspirational sewing blogs out there, you will pee yourself with excitement. Here's a few to wet your appetite:

    And that's not even including all the helpful stuff found at

    DAYS , WEEKS will disappear as you drool over the above!

    p.s. keep up the bloggin, I'm really enjoying your posts, you are good with words, and there is a good mix of content

    HA !!!! there!!! you ARE trendy!!!!



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