Friday, August 7, 2009

my domesticity

so here i am in the apron I MADE MYSELF. and by "made myself" i mean that i cut out the fabric and pinned like a crazy woman and my friend stormy rocked the sewing machine doing what i would call the "real work". isn't it domestic? a little vintage-y. the fabric has wee birdies on it. i like to think they're canaries. me gusta!

hold your applause, please.

i was telling the hubs that i was in a rut. i am experiencing nothing new. i am meeting no new people. i am not reading anything interesting and am not being exposed to new things. i was thinking about taking a class. anyways, this little sewing experiment encouraged me and i think it might become a hobby of mine. next up: an easy purse.

by the way, the pic makes me look like i have one leg. i actually have two. promise.

1 comment:

  1. Don't lie to these people...Gideon cut it off during Romeo and Juliet.

    Anyway...GREAT job on the apron! It's very cute!


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