Sunday, August 2, 2009

prioritize your life!

this post's title is actually a shout out to my short-lived technical theatre career. we got a wee little speech during a production, i can't remember what show it was, like every stinkin' day about prioritizing your life. hilarious to me: you're a theatre teacher telling high schoolers to prioritize their lives and expecting that number one might end up being theatre. haha. that's funny.

anyways, we've been organizing and prioritizing around here. we've reduced activities that we're committed to, cleaned up the garage, cleaned out the laundry room, and are getting ready to trim the fat with a power 90 workout routine in the garage. my mama would be so proud! by the way, the hubs lost somewhere close to 30 pounds when we first got married doing the power 90 workout routine. it's hard core but only 30-45 minutes 4x/week. doable!

priority list continued:

1. watch "nick and nora's infinite playlist." i bought it months ago but haven't had a chance to watch it
2. become friends with new people. perhaps i should join a class or something. suggestions? all my friends are busy with babies, businesses, or moving away from me
3. read more often and more interesting books. try out if you need some cheapo books
4. drink more water. i always feel dehydrated. could it be because it's close to 117 degrees outside?
5. buy a cute little kitchen playset for the boys on craigslist. they really like to pretend to cook. i encourage domestic toys with my little guys
6. sell our little tykes playground outside. it's killing the grass and the kids never play on it. wanna buy it???
7. put my feet up more
8. hum out loud
9. make business cards for myself that say my occupation is "life skills and education director of cooper corral family services" --aka housewife and mommy of my house
10. get a nose ring, tattoo, or dye my hair with bright red streaks (i'm taking suggestions)

the end


  1. Now that you mention WAS weird how they pushed for theatre to be number one in your life. Do you remember when we all used to stand out in the hall and pray? I can't believe we actually did that - not that I'm complaining. Nick and Norah - tis awesome! Kate designs fantastic business cards! And when you said "the end" in my mind, you said it like Brak!

  2. Haha! I'm totally for the nosering. I love mine quite a lot, actually. AND... don't lie. High school theatre is STILL your number one priority. (I shudder at the thought)


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