Sunday, December 13, 2015

holiday post

 we recently had our pics done so we could send out Christmas cards for the first time in years. 
the photographer was so nice. i told her when we began that i didn't want a ton of pics of us looking at the camera and smiling. i wanted fun pictures that show who we are as a family.
she obliged.
we had a great time and bribed the children with dairy queen blizzards after.
it was a win-win.

we wanted to include a little year in review on our cards so we can catch up with people.
and vistaprint knows i'm a wordy lady, so their cards capped me at about a sentence per person. 
this was a challenge.
challenge accepted.

i finished up the cards and got them ordered and can't wait to send them out.
but i thought i'd share here what wouldn't fit on the card.

2015 has been rough.
we are truly blessed and thankful.
we lost our sweet little lady when she was reunified with her dad.
we ached for months before losing her and our hearts still hurt that we don't get to spend every day with her.
some of us are still dealing with the fallout. 
this has been the hardest year by far that the hubs and i have dealt with, and i'm so thankful God has grown our marriage through the trying circumstances we've experienced. 

and the hard stuff has equipped us to minister to those around us better and with more compassion.

we have had more days of sleeping in and watching too much tv and being lazy.
i personally have had to adjust my expectations of how life should be.
we have had more homework and reading assignments than ever before. 
and interesting dynamics have come up between our children and the people they meet and want to share life with. 

we have had opportunities for growth and change.
we have dealt with these with healthy and sometimes unhealthy attitudes.
God has been patient with us as we are being conformed to His image.

i am not sure i'll have another chance to blog before the new year and i just wanted to say 
that sometimes the idea of sharing in this space is daunting. 
i have nothing original to say and no poetic way to say it.
i don't have hundreds of readers or book deals. 
but i am thankful that i get to come here, put the words out there, and sweet, faithful friends read it and can hopefully be encouraged by the words. 
--i know i am encouraged by so many of yours. 

may your holidays be absolutely lovely.
--filled with twinkling lights, beautiful songs, sweet memory making, scrumptious treats, 
and most of all a focus on Jesus Christ as our Savior and King.


  1. I love every single piece of this - even the hard stuff. The pictures are perfect and fit you guys SO well! I can't wait to hug your neck and pester your boys! ONE WEEK!!!! :)

  2. Hey, I'm still here and read every post. Although, I will say it's harder to read when you have it centered versus pushed to the left.

    Love the pics the photographer did. Seems more real than some of those posed shots you see sometimes.

  3. Love the pictures! And there's nothing wrong with bribing your kids to get some good ones. I dole out skittles during the photo shoot for immediate gratification.
    I'm late in commenting by about a month but Merry Christmas!


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