Sunday, January 3, 2016

digging holes

we are back, folks.
the holidays pretty much took over our lives this year and we had fun.
now i'm aching for a nap.

because our family lives all over texas, we had an interesting time going from place to place to see everybody. we even had an extra visit with little miss during our break and we loved every minute we were able to spend with her!

we usually try to alternate thanksgiving and Christmas with the hubs' side of the family and mine.

this year that didn't work out either time but hey, that's life.

when the weather was nice, we played outside as much as possible.
when the weather was awful, we played games like skip-bo and had lots of fun.
many thanks to both sides of our family for putting up with us for days on end. 
we kinda take over a joint when we come to visit. 
and there's always the possibility my children will literally blow up your house because they do not understand pilot lights and greatly desire to blow them out like candles which then leads to a house filling with gas but i digress.
(thanks again, family)

the boys came up with the game above a few visits ago and i'm thinking of copyrighting it.
you can actually play it. 
on cardboard.
and it makes sense.
it's amazing what an abundance of time inside without too much TV can do for a person's imagination.
way to go, gents.

one of the days we had "snow." 
the boys made this snow man.
it's texas and we take what we can get.

now here's a story that will fascinate you.
truly, it's riveting...

the boys dug a hole.
"a hole," you say, "that's not too exciting. what was it for? what was the goal?"
well, friend, i have no answer for you.
these young gentlemen, left to their own devices in the wilderness, decided to start digging back in the summer. 
and they took up the charge again this winter. 
and now it's big enough to fit a dead body should we ever have the need.
after a day and a half digging, i asked them what the goal was for this extravaganza of skill and labor. 
they said they were digging for gold.
we kept asking them if they were digging to china and one child, not knowing that was a common place to try to dig to, got very frustrated and said, "no! why do people keep asking us that?!"

good, good times.
it should be noted that at one point, we asked every child (including a sweet friend who came to visit) if they wanted to dig up a stump that ACTUALLY needed digging up. 
no one came to our aid.
my children, digging for the heck of it. 
but ask 'em to do real work, and they ignore you.
ah, parenting.

hope y'all had a lovely holiday season!

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