Friday, October 30, 2015

children's books

our family goes to the library about once a week. now that the boys are in school all day, sometimes i'll go and pick up a bag full of books for them on my own. we keep them on a shelf in the living room where they are easily accessible.

this summer the boys tended to bring home short chapter books. --of the spongebob or goosebumps variety. i don't like either of those, but since they are put at eye-level with a bunch of bright colors, the kids are prone to get them. but we have a few rules: one, it needs to be appropriate (this varies house to house).  i do not read comic books to them. they are annoying. comic books are not intended to be read aloud, so after years of not enjoying myself, i finally told them i wouldn't do it anymore but they are more than welcome to bring them home. second, we can read a book or two you like, but then it's my turn to share something i like. this opened the door for them to pick out whatever books they enjoy (they pick the same types of books over and over) and still be introduced to something new. i mean, a mom can only endure so many captain underpants or george brown class clown books before i just need someone to wear all their clothes and have a nice adventure. please. so this meeting half-way business has been good!

i'm an avid reader, but what i've noticed is that books i know are delightful tend to be books that my children don't enjoy so much.

i figured i'd share a few lovely gems that we all like. this is by no means any sort of comprehensive list of wonderful children's books, but i thought if there's one in there that you haven't read, you could give it a try! 

for littler ones:
make way for ducklings (there is actually a tour in Boston related to this book)
kristina caterina and the box (out of print, but it's worth the buy on amazon)
elephant and piggy books (the boys have learned to read with feeling when they read these aloud)
the monster at the end of this book (the kids used to giggle through this)

for a little bit older:
the billy and blaze series (love the illustrations!)
alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day (quotable)
i need my monster (voices are fun to do on this one)
the day the crayons quit (i laugh out loud every time. who knew crayons could be so emotional?)
virginia lee burton books (classic! and lovely illustrations)

and two novels we've enjoyed: 
almost super (novel) (the boys liked it when i did the voices of the weird family members)
wonder (novel) (teaches a lot about compassion)

one of my most favorite moments EVER is the drive home from the library. the boys beg to hold and look at the books they've picked and the ride home is filled with blissful silence while all their heads are down, silently reading their new finds. it's pretty stinking amazing. truly.
enjoy your weekend!

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