Wednesday, October 28, 2015

easily brainwashed, coming of age stories, and dense bread

i think i might be brain-washable. truly. or at least very impressionable.
i read books or see inspiring movies and for a brief moment, i'm totally sold.
sign me up! i'm in! what are we doing again?

i've been reading the harry potter series and in between each book, i'm reading a totally different type of book. a palate cleanser, if you will.

this last book was called "little beach street bakery," and i thoroughly enjoyed it. it is not deep. it does not have some political agenda. it is simply a nice book. i find that my favorite types of books tend to be ones where people find their niche. it doesn't have to be a coming of age story, but they usually are in some sense. in this book, the woman enjoys baking bread. the book includes several recipes in the back.

well, i decided after reading a few hundred pages about a try to be a baker. just for fun.
to be honest, though, i think this new season of our lives has thrown me for a loop. having a bit of free time and not having every second tied up with cps and visits and court dates and sweet kids needing me's made me a bit...unsure. outside forces seemed to dictate our lives for so long, it's weird and a bit unsettling to be able to decide how i think my time should be spent. apparently i'm trying to fill  up that time with hobbies of fictional characters.

i used to bake with my mom on lazy saturdays. the house would smell amazing. the kneading was fun and messy. and in the end, you had this awesome product that you made...with your bare hands!

so this weekend i baked some bread.
it was not the best bread you have ever tasted, but i enjoyed doing it.
before i started, i told my husband i wanted to do it because i was reading a book about it, and he was awesome.
he didn't laugh out loud at me wanting to try something new.
he didn't roll his eyes at the newest hobby i am taking on that will probably die out in a few weeks.
he offered to go to the store and get what i needed to start.
stand-up guy, huh! love that kid.

and i enjoyed myself.
in the end, we had two loaves of kinda dense bread. the boys were so excited.
"you made this?! how?!" (apparently i have failed them in some way because they can't believe someone can make something from scratch. surprise, kids! food doesn't have to come from containers!)
i told them i wanted to try something new.
so even if i stink at it, at least i'm trying, right?
and that's half the fun.

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