Wednesday, October 7, 2015

how to get all the stuff done...wait...nope that's not it

i seriously am getting nothing done, y'all.
for reals.

i started out this academic year with four kids going into school and myself only having a tiny job.
--that's what i call it. because it's tiny.

and what did i think would happen?
clean bathrooms
clean house in general
folded laundry
a tidy yard
birds would sing and butterflies would dance and all would be peaceful and well

these dreams have all been ripped to shreds. and i'm trying to figure out what actually matters.
does it matter that all the clothes are folded all the time?
probably not.
(it never really has...shhh... don't say anything.)

but does it matter that my rose bush is getting so large it's warping our fence that we share with a neighbor? um yeah. i should really get on that.

do y'all ever feel this way? --like the list is too long and your productivity level is too small?
and all i really want to do is drink a yummy fancy coffee and take a nap.
can i get a hallelujah!?

i keep rewriting lists and making new sets of priorities and then nothing sticks.
on paper a schedule of cleaning and kicking booty looks easy-peasy. in reality, small daily tasks add up quickly and my bigger goals get left by the wayside. i plan like one thing a day to get done so i can feel like a successful contributor of society.
--i fed the dogs today. they will live!
--i returned that thing from target from like a month ago that didn't fit you. you're welcome.
--didn't i do these dishes yesterday? you mean we use them daily?

these blogs where people renovate their children's bedrooms and write biographies about christian poets and lead conferences about effective prayer and are president of the PTA and look good while doing it? dang. if they make you feel bad, come sit by me. we have a play house that we half-constructed months ago with a 2x4 holding it together since we haven't put a roof on it. bam. there's productivity for you. --making things safe enough not to physically harm children until we can actually get our act together and finish a pretty simple project.

but can i find time to read the entire harry potter series in a month? yes.
or watch tv on hulu plus in my pajamas? most definitely.
--what are you trying to say?

...if by your silence you are saying that if these things were truly a priority, i would make time for them. and that the truly important things will work themselves out. and there's only 24 hours in a day. and in three men walking there surely is my teacher. and there's no "i" in team. and absence makes the heart grow fonder. and one in the hand is worth two in the bush... then i say you are wise beyond your years.
thanks for all the wisdom and i'm gonna take all that advice to heart.
--just as soon as i watch this next episode of brooklyn 99.

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