Friday, October 2, 2015

sweet reminders

tonight was cozy. pandora played the passion pit station. and i made a chicken and pepper stir-fry, affectionately referred to in our house as "amanda's chicken." (thanks, college roommate and dear friend!)

tonight a candle was lit on the table and a kid played piano (banged out random notes i should say) while i cooked in an apron, partly because i love aprons and partly because i am quite the clumsy chef. 

there was screaming and some harsh words between brothers and even a child leaving in a huff to go outside and calm down. there was speech therapy and too much homework and too many tears. it was a bit crazy, i'm not gonna lie, but most days are like that here.

but i have to say it... it was lovely. 
having some time in our home in the afternoon after a long week has been a sweet blessing. 
having time to let a kid throw a fit and not rush off to another activity only to arrive late, to have a relaxed evening where everybody gets their reading minutes done (miracle of miracles)...this is rare. 

there's really no point to this post except that as i was cooking and washing dishes and calming kids down, i was suddenly struck with how thankful i am for my blessings. 
in a season where it's been easy to look at what we've lost, God sweetly reminds me of a million ways He has blessed me.

how has He blessed you?

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