Sunday, September 27, 2015

lofty goals for fall

i've been thinking about those evenings when you're outside well after it gets dark. the kids are running around and yet the pace of the night is slow and easy. when funky music spills out the windows while the grill sizzles and the screen door slams with kids helping to set the table outside. 
and all of a sudden it gets chilly and you need a sweater to stay comfy? 
in commercials, these things happen in the summer.
in commercials, people don't live here. 

something the media calls "fall" or what i call "finally tolerable weather" waits to make its appearance here until late october. but now that we're finding our groove with school, i like to start setting more realistic goals...because the ones i set at the beginning of the school year... yeah, let's not talk about it.
(instead of making new year's goals, i like to make goals according to the season on the calendar and our season of life.)

these are super lofty goals, people. 
be dumbstruck by my loftiness.

work out and spend less...
weeks of catching up with friends after busy summers means i'm spending and eating out too much. i need to trim the fat a bit. pun intended. my work out plan never consists of running, weights, yada yada yada. it usually is made up of: eat more green things, drink less dr pepper, walk instead of take the car a few times a week. like i said...lofty. 

pick flowers...
the people who lived in this house before us had some green thumbs. the yard was beautiful when we moved in, and i have tried pretty dang hard to not kill everything. so far it's going ok. the fruit of this is that we usually have some lovely things growing around our place. few things make me happier than bright colors popping out from a mason jar above my sink. 

open some windows and eat outside...
my goal with this? do it as much as possible. 

allow for time at home...
i really love evenings at home. and i really enjoy having people over for dinner. when i plan too many activities, we're all rushed, over-tired, and seem to enjoy everything a bit less. by making sure we spend a bit of time at home, i'm trying to ensure a certain amount of rest and relaxation.

ride my bike...
this summer i wanted a cruiser bike so badly i could hardly stand it. and then i bought one. and then i remembered that it is summer and way too stinking hot to ride it anywhere. so i've been biding my time for cooler weather when i can ride it to the boys' school or to my job. i can't wait!

what are your lofty goals for this upcoming season? 
eat a caramel apple? 
bake a pie? 
buy a fall-scented candle? 

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