Sunday, April 5, 2015

soothing the soul

life has been a bit insane lately.
there's some unpleasant things going on around here but we shall persevere.
and since i can't speak in specifics but didn't want to paint life as all rosy all the time, i'll give you some encouragement. 
 i am trying very hard to spend consistent time with the Lord. 
the picture above is where i sit when i'm alone with Him.
a friend gave me some great advice regarding our current life situation:
don't get stirred up in the crazy of it all. spend time being still in the Lord. 
--it has soothed my soul.

another thing good for the soul?
family time.
and chess games and obstacle races and eating a potato as big as your face.

and little boys becoming bigger boys.
another birthday came and went. 
he's such a big dude.

in trying to simplify some things out of necessity, i have not scheduled anything other than helping out at the kids' schools and house-related tasks.
it's been nice having things be a little simpler, especially when life around us is a bit out of control. 

i know we all have our crazy times.
times we wish weren't happening.
times we would prefer to be doing something else.
but it was so beautiful and wonderful this weekend to be with my family, slow down, work hard (the boys and i raked leaves and worked our tails off!), and then enjoy our Risen Savior.
in the chaos or pain or suffering or irritation or anger, 
we can be joyful 
Christ is Risen.

He is Risen Indeed!

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