Wednesday, March 18, 2015

march madness: our way

 march madness means a different thing around here.
it's the season where we have four out of five kids' birthdays, two gotcha days (anniversaries of adoption) and this year we have more out of town court stuff with our foster kiddo, little miss.

once february ends, you just keep your head down and plow through, trying not to forget a momentous guy...

turning NINE.
what happened? 
when did he get so old?
and lose so many teeth?
and stop wanting to hug me in public?

i have to brag about this guy.
he is quite a thinker and takes his time doing mundane tasks because he's daydreaming about who knows what...usually a cool new invention. 
BUT we got an email yesterday from his teacher saying that he recently took some tests and did amazing, staying on task,  finishing on time, and he got a great grade.
the great grade part is nice and all, but we are THRILLED he finished on time and did his best. 
*he's a pretty big deal*

and then a few weeks later, this little dude...
(look at his wee stumpy legs!)

turned SEVEN!
--complete with fake smiles for every picture i take.

he is such a sweet heart. he's a passionate dude, our resident theologian, and quite the blooming artist. 
he started out the school year almost making himself sick about doing things perfectly and now is rocking it out with reading and math! wahoo victory!

over the next several weeks, we are getting to see a lot of our extended family and i'm trying to get lots of stuff done so i can just enjoy them. 
 my dream is to sit outside with our wonderful fam, look at the blooming plants, eat dinner on the porch, and turn on twinkle lights outside.
and i think i'll just leave the "productivity" to someone else.** 
twinkle lights and good conversation are a heck of a lot more fun.

**as i say this, i'm making yet another mental to-do list of stuff. 
maybe a bit of productivity and a bit of fun? 
that mythical "middle ground/everything in moderation" people talk about?
does that exist?

enjoy your march madness!

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