Wednesday, July 16, 2014

family camping, from like, years ago

i was looking back over my previous posts and i think i wrote this one but never posted it.
so here's a post from summer time. 
we can pretend that if it's all cool and crisp in your neck of the woods that i'm doing this as a nostalgic post. --something like, "hey remember when it was summer?" when in actuality i'm just really unorganized. 

when the hubs was growing up, he and his extended family went to garner state park. 
during the last few years, the family has started going annually again.
so we join them.
we only stay for a day because camping is a lot of work for us.
maybe next year we will go for a weekend or so.

we had lots of adventures.
we hiked, went in a cold cave, swam in the river, and played with family.
it was awesome. 

-this is our hard core face. --where we climb hills and are wildly rugged-

--brotherly love--

during our hike, we stumbled upon a group of students heading up to the cave who weren't familiar with how to get there. so the hubs led them. they were so nice.
when we got to the cave, i noticed it smelled a bit drugs...and it turns out the students were meeting friends who were smoking in the cave. we took in the sight and feel of the cave (it's truly cold in there) and then promptly left. 
what a classy family moment, right?
it'll be a nice memory for the scrapbook:
hiking, icebox cave, and strangers doing drugs. 

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