Wednesday, July 16, 2014

blog stalking, coffee, and inventions of the greatest caliber

i don't know if i have mentioned this lately, but i enjoy a good blog-stalking.
--now that's a great way to start a post, people.

i read every post by ashley ann and recently she went on a month-long camping trip with her whole family. they updated a vintage travel trailer and the pictures were so cute!
 later when i was on etsy, i saw this print and i thought of her. 
that's how much of a stalker i am... i see things and want to buy them as gifts for people i don't know.
--this in no way seems creepy, right?

(the print is from noodle hug

gabe is my inventor. he likes to build things.
at chick fil a, i'm not sure why, he decided he wanted a taller cup. 
so he built this stacking apparatus. 
nothin' says "fancy" like stacking styrofoam.
--setting the bar HIGH, people. 

the boys are obsessed with legos lately. the older boys tend to lean towards building jets and star wars vehicles but asher isn't quite there yet.
"here mom. look at this super long stick of legos. i stacked them myself."

i went for coffee a few weeks back with my dear friend lauren whom i hadn't seen in years.
we finally got together for some delicious coffee at crosswalk coffeehouse. seriously, the cup was bigger than my face and was so creamy and delicious. 

it was so wonderful and encouraging to see her. she truly delights my soul! 
she really is one of those friends you don't see for years and pick up right where you left off. 
my time with her was so refreshing! it felt so peaceful sitting still, with coffee, and no interruptions, just listening and talking about how God is teaching us. 

--so i took this photo of the boys so she could see how they've grown.
being off facebook does have its perks, but some friends still need a cuteness update. 
eat your heart out, friends.
the cuteness is here. 

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