Wednesday, January 8, 2014

stretching my creative muscles

when my sister-in-law was visiting during Christmas, we were talking about things we want to learn someday.
the hubs and i had started talking about places we want to go, things we'd like to learn, and in this season of kids being so small, there doesn't seem to be a good time to travel to new, exotic locations or learn new things.

and i know this season won't last forever. as the kids grow, i am enjoying the new phase of life: no diapers, easier travel to visit family (except for Christmas...that was rough), a bit more independence for them, a bit less hands-on for me. oh they still need me a lot. and i love being there for them (most of the time) but this newer phase of no toddlers is kinda awesome. 

i want to kayak someday (not the dare-devilish kind, just a leisurely float down a river), learn to sew, do more outdoor activities like hiking and biking (again, the leisurely kind. i'm kinda a slacker), i've always wanted to go to boston for the history there, and i'd love to visit hawaii with the kids and hubs.
it's been a really long time since the hubs and i had talked about our dreams...things we'd like to do one day. fostering, adoption, and then raising children has taken up the majority of our time. 
these dreams don't have to happen today. and if it never happens at all, it'll be fine. 
i'm not gonna die if i don't learn how to sew a cute bag.

so during this conversation, my sister-in-law said she wanted to take up finger painting again.
and that made me so happy.
--things that we don't do anymore because we're big people, sometimes they can be very cathartic and very enjoyable.
playdough on a rough day? that can be soothing.

when i was younger, i liked to paint. my parents found an easel (tossed on the side of the road, i'm sure. they're pretty frugal) and bought me LOVELY watercolor paints and i just went to town. i was not overly critical of my work and just enjoyed myself. 
i had a great space on our back porch where i was able to make a mess without much worry. 
come to think of it, i'm pretty sure i was a bit spoiled. 

about a month ago, i felt the itch to be creative. sometimes i just get like that. i want to paint a room or read something new or write a novel. the everyday tasks of life get a bit taxing and i need to stretch  my creative muscles. 
so i bought a few small painting items as well as oil pastels (so nostalgic for me) so i could just have fun with them. 
i haven't painted anything yet but i have drawn a few things with the pastels.
it's been fun. and relaxing.

THEN my brother-in-law bought me an awesome paint set for Christmas and i received it last night.
so i have my area set up for when i get a minute to paint.
i have to say, i'm excited. 
even if the paintings are horrid, i have a chance to be creative and that will be fun. 


  1. So so glad you are ltaking time for yourself to create! YES! I love your space. Use it. Make time to use it. I have to say being creative helps me be a bettter me. (well for the most part) Happy creating.

    1. thanks! i've used it three times so far and i've really enjoyed it, though i have to admit, the painting thing...i kinda stink at it. but that's not the point...i DO enjoy playing with the paint.

  2. Your set up looks beautiful!!! You are so blessed to be a mommy to such a sweet bundle of boys. We have many things in common as far as what we would love to learn how to do!

    1. and now it's just about finding time to learn them, isn't it? haha, there's never enough hours in the day. :)
      thanks for visiting the blog! my mom calls me ladybug as her pet name for me. i thought that was a fun coincidence.


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