Thursday, January 16, 2014

crazy soul mate accountability partners

i have an accountability partner. we try to talk once a week. when we can't, we email. her name is amanda jo (here's her blog). she's pretty amazing. and i love her to pieces. and i've known her since we were 15. crazy.

we visited her and her lovely, precious, hilarious family over Christmas. the boys were a riot. they totally took over the upstairs. we were afraid to go up there for fear of what we might find.
we ate yummy chicken and dumplins. it's was a wonderful time.

amanda jo and i bought presents for each other.
i had bought her a shirt that says, "all i need is a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus." (a friend of mine opened up a coffee shop called "freedom cup" in boerne texas and i bought the shirt from her. she has super cute merchandise. i think you can friend them on fb and even buy their stuff, although i'm not sure because i'm not on fb anymore.)

amanda jo laughed when she opened her gift and told me to open mine.
it was a beautiful framed print from printablewisdom  and lo and behold...what did it say???????
"all i need today is a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus."
what the what?!
that's kinda crazy. we must be accountability soul-mates. --getting basically the same gift for each other?

so that's my funny accountability-partners-that-must-be-meant-for-each-other-because-we-share-a-brain story.

in other news:
asher, our youngest, is starting to ride his bike without training wheels. because all our boys are so close together in age, i don't really think much about when they start doing big milestones. we are excited and we celebrate but i don't get all gooey about it. (if you get gooey about your kids' milestones, it's ok. we can still be friends.) but yesterday while watching my tiny little munchkin of a four year old attempt to balance because he's a big boy who can do it all on his own, it was bitter sweet. and maybe a little gooey. or maybe that was just my allergies acting up or the sun was in my eyes. we may never know.

may your weekend be filled with lovely things, peeps!

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