Thursday, January 23, 2014

let's rock it out

it's cloudy here. 
and getting cold.
 today is the day where i had nothing planned. 
i mean, there's the usual things:
quiet time
a load of laundry

but i started out with nothing on the to-do list in addition to that. 
and since 7am, i've added more.
water plants
prep for dinner
organize some stuff
go through boys' clothes, especially the ones on top of the refrigerator.
--what? don't you keep clothes there, too?

i do this thing where i want a low-key day and then i kinda sabotage myself because i get to thinking of all the things i could get done that get pushed down on the list due to immediate needs.

do y'all do that?

like...let's organize the whole garage, it's messy. 
or hey, let's alphabetize our DVDs. wouldn't that be handy?
or this would be a great time to reconnect with people i haven't had a chance to talk to in a few weeks. i should call them.
or wouldn't that wall look amazing in a different color. maybe we should paint it? right this minute. 
i've got it! i could read lots of books to my kids. it would be beautiful and blissful and cuddly. 
(note to reader: usually reading with my four boys isn't exactly any of these things. it usually ends in wrestling, someone crying because their eye got poked, and incessant questions about the book because the kids weren't listening because they couldn't hear the story due to aforementioned crying/eye-poking.) 

so here i sit, kinda in defiance of all the things i could be doing.
--with a mrs. meyers geranium-scented candle lit.
and i'm not gonna lie, friends. it's pretty blissful.
and in five minutes, i'm gonna get up and do one or two things of "productivity" and then chill for a bit.
everything in moderation, am i right?
*except in the case of loving Jesus. in that situation, we get to go all out. hard core. yeehaw!

so here's to a great Thursday, whether it's filled with getting things done or just sitting and being. 
let's rock it out, peeps.

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